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Helping you navigate through day-to-day challenges with a plan, so that you don't lose focus and remain productive in your personal and professional life, and as a leader. 


PXL: The Only Weekly LIVE Coaching on How to Become the Best Person, Professional, and Leader That You Can Be!

Establish powerful leadership fundamentals and develop sustainable personal and professional excellence!

PXL 5-Week Coaching Sessions starts Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 7:00pm EST.

(You will be given full access to all video recordings if you miss the LIVE sessions) 

"Words can be tricky but actions attract trust!"

This is a valuable lesson that I learned while playing three years with the Indianapolis Colts and observing the work ethic and dedication of my Hall of Fame quarterback, Peyton Manning.

Actions attract trust. Execution attracts trust. Movement attracts trust.

You made a commitment to your family and you made a commitment as a professional to DO YOUR JOB and do it with excellence. The conditions should never change your commitment.

No one ever said that it would be easy. You won't be comfortable every day. Home life won't always be perfect, but at least you have a home to go to. I can guarantee that you won't love your job every day but you still have to be a pro and get the job done. You have to be able to perform under pressure and when things get hard.

Try this...consider what you've been saying that you're going to do and look at your results. Do they match? For most, they don't. This is why it's time to invest in action to attract and secure the trust of the people around you; at home and at work.

- Roy Hall Jr. 2021


My Mission:

"Help you stay motivated, keep a positive perspective, and live a life of purpose." 


I’ll Personally Coach You on How to Stay Motivated, Keep a Positive Perspective, and to Find Your Purpose.

Welcome to PXL! 14 years ago I was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts and became a professional for the first time in my life. Let me be completely transparent; I was a professional, but I did not know how to actually be a pro, and therefore my result were inconsistent; they weren't excellent.

I found out very quickly that having talent may be enough to get you there, but it's not enough to keep you there. I had to learn what it takes to consistently be the best at your craft, and I had to be willing to be coached.

One of the very first lessons that I learned was you have to have a coach in every area of your life that you want to be successful in. You need someone in your life to help you stay on track to reach your maximum potential.

"Why PXL, Roy Hall Jr.?"

"Not everyone is fortunate enough to have access to the best coaches in the world like I had in the NFL.

Once my football career was over after a brief 4-years, I was determined to figure out a way to get the strategies and insight that I acquired from my Hall of Fame coaches and teammates (Tony Dungy, Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Bill Polian) to the millions of people with professions outside of professional football.

It took me 10 years, but it was worth it to perfect a method and combination of principles that would ACTUALLY help you secure long term personal and professional excellence.

It definitely wasn’t easy, but I’ve got a team now, and I’ve created a weekly crystal-clear system so that you don’t have to go through the same set-backs that I did.

Each week I design a custom message and strategy to help you stay motivated, keep a positive perspective, and push to you become a better leader; to help you achieve personal excellence.

I know what it feels like to accomplish a major goal and still feel like “I need to be doing more” or “Why do I still feel incomplete?” I knew there had to be more to making it to the top than just a title or a larger salary.

Staying motivated could be as simple as keeping a photo of your child on your desk or in your car, or it could be as complicated as trying to live up to the expectations of critics.

Keeping a positive perspective starts with being thankful for waking up each day, or it could be filled with empathy for the families and 10 victims that lost their lives in the Boulder, CO mass shooting. Having a positive perspective and appreciating what you have is key.

Life is not about you. Yes, you deserve to be happy and to accomplish your goals; but how you get there and what you do with your success is most important.

I know you deserve to live that type of life… and man I'm telling you, you can have it.

This coaching, my commitment, the community; I am here to coach you weekly so that you become, and remain the best version of you for your family, your job, and most importantly for YOU.

So, I want to thank you. Thank you for allowing me to impact your life and for trusting me to coach you to rare personal and professional balance.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of this generational blessing that's coming.

Now All You Have To Do Is Know How To:

Step 1 - Stay Motivated (The reason to strive for more is not for you, it’s for legacy and family)

Step 2 - Keep a Positive Perspective (Using real world events to keep you in the right perspective)

Step 3 - Find Your Purpose (You were created to do more than just work. Use your position to help reposition those in need)

I've put this weekly coaching together for everyone. It's easy to understand and it's practical. I’m here every step of the way to guide you and hold you accountable so that regardless of your professional experience or financial position, you will stay on pace to breakthrough whatever’s been holding you back.

Imagine you spend the next five weeks building mental toughness, a mindset of champions, and shifting your focus from what “what’s wrong” to WHAT CAN BE; from what’s wrong, to WINNING!

You will develop the courage to go home and actually spend quality time with your family and not feel pressured to bring work home with you.

You will learn how to not allow a set of bad moments to set you back for several years.

Personal Excellence has nothing to do with your degree, but rather how you handle the various degrees of difficulty that will arise in your life.

You’ll learn all of this from home on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm EST. Your entire mindset will change. You will better position yourself to handle change, handle adversity, and handle pressure.

Did you know 66% of American workers lack work-life balance? Balance doesn’t have to mean equal time, but it does have to mean equal turns. When you’re working: be productive. When you’re at home: be present.

Why are you waiting? What you feed your mind today will shape your future tomorrow.

Don't miss out. 2021 and every year can be your year. Ever second can be your second. Every minute can be your minute. Every moment matters.

I don't want you to miss this opportunity. The PXL Coaching sessions are exactly what you’ve been looking for to give you the boost that you need.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond. Now is the time to respond and get started today.

Along With The Weekly PXL LIVE Virtual Sessions, You Have Direct Access to Roy Hall Jr. Through a ONE-TO-ONE Coaching Session

Through PXL you will have direct access to Roy Hall Jr. during a private one-to-one coaching session to discuss specific areas where you are having challenges personally and professionally. You will also be able to take a deeper dive into the topics discussed during the PXL Coaching Sessions.

Decrease Stress and Make Your Mental Health a Priority in 2021 (Personal Excellence is ALL About You)

This weekly, LIVE 5-part personal and professional development series is over FOUR hours of coaching, strategy, and lessons filled with valuable, actionable steps to stay motivated, maintain a positive perspective, walk in purpose, and become a better leader.

.... and if that wasn't enough, I'm putting a one-to-one coaching session in this package too. This one-to-one on its own is valued at $597, but I've put the whole thing in here for free...

Why? Because I know you can succeed, and I want to give you all the tools you need in order to get you where you want to be.

Enroll Now!

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✅PXL LIVE Online 5-Week Training and Coaching Sessions ($988 value) On special now for $494!

✅PXL Private Community ($497 value)

✅Worksheets and Downloadable PDFs ($97 value)

✅Weekly Motivational Texts and Motivational Messages ($197 value)

Enroll TODAY And Exclusive Bonuses:

✅Bonus: One-to-One Private Coaching Call With Roy Hall Jr. ($597 value)

✅Bonus: Custom Leather Portfolio Writing Journal ($47)

✅Bonus: Access to All Coaching Session Replays ($97)


Total Value: $2,423
Normal Price: $494
ONLY: $247

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"Examine your thoughts. Inspect your words. Evaluate your relationships. Do your thoughts, words, and the people around you align with what you want for your life?

You have to TAKE CONTROL of all aspects of your life, but you have to be willing to do it with a team and a coach!"

- Roy Hall Jr.

Introducing a Unique 5 Part Series to Help You Improve as a Leader and Stay Motivated

Below Are Just a Few Examples of What You'll Get When You Join Today.

Stay Motivated. Keep Perspective. Walk In Purpose. Lead Through Serving.

Computer Solo



FIVE PXL LIVE Training Sessions

During the 45-minute PXL LIVE coaching session you will learn how to stay motivated each day, keep a positive perspective, and find your purpose. Each session will be conducted through Zoom Webinars on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm EST.



Private One-to-One Coaching Call 

For a limited time you will be able to schedule a 20-minute one-to-one coaching call with Roy Hall Jr. On your coaching call you will have the opportunity to further discuss past PXL sessions, develop a plan for areas of challenge, and have a constructive conversation.

Leather Portfolio 3


Leather Portfolio and Journal 

Perfect for note taking and organizing your printed materials! Inside, you’ll find a pocket for documents and a business card along with a pen loop. This leather portfolio also includes a 8-1/2" x 11" writing pad for collecting your thoughts and ideas.

"Roy's Program Will Be Used Again, and Again, and Again"

"The program that Roy Hall put together for us will be used again, and again, and again to show people what we can do as individuals but more collectively what we can do as a company and as an organization."

Tab Colbert, CEO

"The Best Person to Help Us"

"When I was trying to figure out who's the best person to get involved in helping us to get our team together (on the same page), Roy Hall was my immediate first thought."

Jeannie Addington, CFO

"He will get the most out of your people"

"Roy is going to make a difference. He will deliver. He will inspire. He will get the most out of your people. You will see the benefits of Roy for years to come afterward."

Charles Buchanan, Lt. Col.
The Ohio State University

50% OFF SALE!!! Get Instant Access Today! 

"If your heart is beating you can beat the odds. Protect your perspective. Stay motivated."

Corey L
Jessica I
Sonya E
Chris H
Jess M
Danielle S
Diane C

50% OFF SALE!!! Get Instant Access Today! 

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(And Get All Your Free Bonuses)

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✅PXL LIVE Online 5-Week Training and Coaching Sessions ($988 value) On special now for $494!

✅PXL Private Community ($497 value)

✅Worksheets and Downloadable PDFs ($97 value)

✅Weekly Motivational Texts and Motivational Messages ($197 value)

Enroll TODAY And Exclusive Bonuses:

✅Bonus: One-to-One Private Coaching Call With Roy Hall Jr. ($597 value)

✅Bonus: Custom Leather Portfolio Writing Journal ($47)

✅Bonus: Access to All Coaching Session Replays ($97)



Total Value: $2,423
Normal Price: $494
ONLY: $247

HALF PRICE!!! Get Started In The Next Session!


Frequently Asked Questions About PXL

⭐️ Who is PXL for? 

PXL is for anyone looking to become a better person, a better professional, and a better leader! PXL is for individuals looking to connect to a team of people that are having “off the charts” results in their businesses, occupations, families, and in their mental health. If you are looking for a personal coach to help you get the results that you desire and deserve in your personal and professional life, PXL is for you.

⭐️ What results should I expect from PXL?

By taking PXL LIVE training sessions you will develop a better perspective on life and how to use challenges to your advantage. You will learn strategies on how to handle life when things don’t go your way. You’ll develop mental toughness, and learn how to anchor yourself in undeniable reasons to stay motivated each day. You’ll get closer to walking in your true purpose and also discover the value of placing others before yourself through giving back to those in need. Each session you will be challenged to become the best person, professional, and leader that you can be.

⭐️ How are these sessions delivered?

PXL sessions are delivered 100% online through Zoom webinars, pdf downloads, and open question and answer, to help you construct and define a plan, a mindset, and a mission to live a life of purpose. You also have access to a members-only Facebook networking group to share your stories with, and ask questions of other PXL Team Members on the journey with you. The course also comes with a custom Roy Hall Jr. leather portfolio journal for note taking.

⭐️ What happens after the five PXL sessions?

I want to see you continue to develop personally and professionally. I also realize that being a part of a team is extremely important and vital to overall well being. With that being said, you will have the option to continue taking PXL sessions at the alumni rate.

⭐️ How long is my one-to-one session?

Your private one-to-one session will be approximately 20-minutes long. During your one-to-one you will take a deeper dive into the PXL sessions that you've attended, and also begin to construct a plan to get better in specific areas that you may be having challenges personally and professionally. You will have the ability to schedule additional one-on-one sessions if you desire.

What if I can't make the LIVE session on Thursday's at 7:00pm EST?

You will get access to the five recordings of the LIVE sessions that you miss during your five weeks of PXL. You can maintain access to ALL of the coaching sessions beyond your 5 weeks if you join the PXL Alumni Group.


Don't Miss Out!!!

Total Value: $2,423
Normal Price: $494
ONLY: $247

HALF PRICE!!! Get Started In The Next Session!

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