"Roy Hall killed it! He's a dynamic speaker and motivator; an absolute asset to our program."

Ryan Day
Head Football Coach
The Ohio State University 

Ryan Day with Roy Hall Jr.

Strategic Motivation That's Useful For More Than Just a Few Days

Engaged professionals are described as being involved in, excited about, and committed to their jobs. Research shows that the level of engagement among staff impacts a business’ innovation, productivity and profitability making this a priority for most heads of companies. Lack of engagement obviously translates to a lack of motivation.

Roy Hall Jr. uses his experience and principles learned as a professional athlete to deliver inspiring and empowering keynote speeches to help professionals master mental toughness and perform at an elite level despite primary workplace challenges like: low motivation and disengagement, adapting to change, communication, and finding purpose. Roy also meticulously provides strategies for overcoming secondary workplace snags like overwhelming workloads, co-worker conflict, uncertainty, and fear of failure.

Companies Consulted Roy Hall Jr.

Ideal Speaker For:

• Corporations
• Business Conferences
• Professional Development Events
• Virtual Keynotes
• Zoom Webinars/Trainings

Topic Expert On:

• Mindset & Motivation
• Mental Toughness / Resilience
• Employee Engagement
• Living a Purpose Driven Life
• Adapting to Change
• Diversity & Inclusion

"Roy revitalized us and we all left inspired!"

"Roy really revitalized us and we all left there inspired! We all left there ready to do the work and to not give up. He gave us that hope."

Asia Davis
Program Manager

Virtual Keynote

An Excellent Way to Get Your Team Engaged and Motivated Now

Employers lose $1.8 trillion every year due to low employee engagement. Disengaged employees are less productive, they take more unnecessary days off, they’re more likely to quit.

Roy Hall's Virtual Keyotes are a sure fire way to get you and your team engaged and motivated to work with passion and efficiency. Roy will inspire and leave you with ideas, solutions, and discussion points specific to your needs to continue to develop a winning and active company culture.

Topics Roy Will Discuss
• How to Stay Motivated to Do Your Best During Even When You Don't Feel Like It
• How to Adapt to Change When You're Comfortable Doing "It" a Certain Way
• How to Find Your Purpose When You Feel Like You Should Be Doing More

"It would be in your best interest to have Roy Hall come and speak..."

"He will not only inspire you and challenge you, Roy will completely encourage you. I think it would be in your best interest to have Roy Hall come and speak at your organization, sports team, or business."

Shawn Bailey, CEO
NEXT Basketball Foundation

Professional Development - Virtual Presentations

How to Immediately Increase Motivation, Energy, and Perspective

As the pandemic continues, job motivation is rapidly deteriorating. Only 36% of people working from home say that they are motivated to perform their work.

During his professional development trainings Roy Hall will supply you and your team with solutions and detailed steps on how to increase motivation, energy, and perspective. Attendees stay engaged through original content, videos, digital workbooks, presentation slides, and Q & A. Webinars are a two, three, or four-part series.

Topics Roy Will Discuss:
• How to Stay Motivated to Do Your Best Even When You Don't Feel Like It
• 5 Ways to Stay Engaged With Your Work and Your Team
• How to Find Your Purpose When You Feel Like You Should Be Doing More
• How to Become a Better Team Member and Increase Productivity
• The Easy 5-Step Process to Overcome Communication Challenges

"Roy's Program Will Be Used Again, and Again, and Again"

"The program that Roy Hall put together for us will be used again, and again, and again to show people what we can do as individuals but more collectively what we can do as a company and as an organization."

Tab Colbert, CEO

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