The Staggering Truth About Unproductive and Disengaged Professionals

  • 53% of employees give the minimum effort required and will quickly leave for even a slightly better offer.
  • Productivity improves by 25% in organizations with connected employees.
  • Roughly $500 billion is lost annually because of workplace stress.
  • Employees who are engaged are 27% more likely to report “excellent” performance.
  • Actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. $483 to $605 billion per year in lost productivity
  • 86% of corporate executives, employees, and educators say that ineffective communication is a key reason for workplace failures.

About Roy Hall Jr.

As a corporate speaker I've focused on helping professionals master mental toughness (mindset), consistently perform under pressure (high stress environments), and maintain motivation. I’ve spent over a decade speaking to corporations, at business conferences, professional development seminars, and virtual trainings.

During my 5 years as a professional football player I acquired a supreme understanding of what it takes to not only inspire professionals to perform in high stress situations, but also what tools and strategies to provide them with to help neutralize challenges in the workplace that influence disengagement and low motivation.

With millions of people watching on television, and another 80,000+ fans watching in person during each game, professional athletics are arguably one of the most stressful professions in the world. Your every move is watched, scrutinized, and judged for all to see.

Be A Pro

Playing professional football with the likes of future Hall of Fame quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Drew Brees, Hall of Fame Head Coach Tony Dungy, Hall of Fame General Manager Bill Polian, and an intense and competitive billionaire owner, Jim Irsay, forced me to learn how to perform during high pressure, and high stress situations. I had to learn quickly how to be a pro and do my job at a high level no matter how I felt.

It wasn’t easy, but after having a few conversations and communicating effectively with my aforementioned team members, I was able to consistently add value to the team. Even when I was injured, my effort along the way had built enough equity and trust that they were overly patient with my imperfections.

Mastering mental toughness begins with turning stress into durable strength. You no longer have to just admire what professional athletes do, you can apply the exact productivity principles that they use to your profession as well. You have what it takes to BE A PRO!

"You will see the benefits of having Roy Hall for years to come"

"Roy is going to make a difference. He will deliver. He will inspire. He will get the most out of your people. You will see the benefits of Roy Hall for years to come afterward."

Charles Buchanan, Lt. Col.
The Ohio State University

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How to Perform at a High Level When You Lack Motivation

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